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Wait, 2013 is over already??  It’s been hard to keep up with everything so I thought I would offer a recap some of the main happenings/hot topics for 2013.  Comments are open for this post.

I’ve been really busy with my day job working exceptionally long hours, therefore haven’t had the time to keep the website updated as often as necessary, so a BIG thank you to regular visitors for hanging in there.    New reader numbers have also been very healthy this year, although a lot of them seem to be looking for nude photos…*ahem* and there was an oddly high number of search requests for Natasha Duncan.  I do have a backlog of uploads to take care of this year.  Once it’s all online, I am hoping to sell off my collection to gain back some shelf space – lookbooks, Mode Magazines, copies of the W Mag Size Issue, Vogue Italia and Elle France Special Rondes issues…I’ll tweet links when they go live via @curvesmart.

WARNING: Content on the following linked pages may be NSFW

Displaying a generally considered approach to the use of larger sized models, the Elle group published two covers and three four editorials in 2013 in various international editions, making a total of 9 covers featuring larger models – streets ahead of the competition*:

  • 2013 – Elle Quebec May issue featuring Justine Legault, cover and editorial
  • 2013 – Elle Quebec August issue featuring Justine Legault, beauty/wellness editorial
  • 2013 – Elle Spain November issue featuring Tara Lynn, cover and editorial
  • 2013 – Elle France March issue featuring Myla Dalbesio and Kristyna Misovcova, editorial only
  • 2012 – Elle France “Special Rondes” Feb issue featuring Tara Lynn, cover and editorial
  • 2012 – Elle Norway May issue featuring Tara Lynn, cover and reprint of  Elle France layout
  • 2012 – Elle Belgium May issue featuring Deborah Dauchot, cover and editorial
  • 2011 – Elle France “Special Rondes” April issue featuring Robyn Lawley, cover and editorial
  • 2010 – Elle France “Special Rondes” March issue featuring Tara Lynn, cover and editorial
  • 2008 – Elle Italia December issue featuring Crystal Renn, cover and editorial
  • 1997 – Elle Quebec May issue, beauty supplement cover and editorial

…. and that’s not counting all of the other  pages  given  to  larger  models  published  by  Elle that I was able to locate online! (click each linked word for a different editorial).

Industry observers were surprised when the Ford + offices in New York and Toronto closed doors in June while offices in LA, Miami and Chicago remained open.   Shortly afterwards, Gary Dakin and Jaclyn Sarcka launched JAG Models and the question of where the Ford models would go was mostly answered…a lot of the board travelled with them, while some went to Wilhelmina and Muse, such as top girl Candice Huffine.  Tara Lynn had already left Ford before the closure, while others remained noticeably missing in action.

Ivan Bart, the managing director and senior vice president of IMG Models, announced that he is planning to up the agency’s diversity factor by scouting models of all shapes, sizes, ages, races and heights and integrating the talent.  Bart told Cosmopolitan magazine, “We want to be an ageless, raceless, weightless agency.”**

Not surprising then that IMG Models, which represents some of the highest earners in modelling (Kate Moss, Gisele Bunchen, hellooooo) signed up Tara Lynn – then when Ford+ closed also lured Ashley Graham, Marquita Pring, Inga Eiriksdottir, Danielle Redman and Julie Henderson.  Whether these signings indicate a full division may be forming is TBA, but there are early indications that the IMG network will help the girls expand into untapped markets.  Whispers are that the new Sydney office is a target of interest, especially as there is the perception that there is a lot of quality editorial to be had there, thanks to Robyn Lawley’s media profile. Look out Australian agencies, the big guns are coming.  Speaking of Robyn…

After another year of *It Girl* status and more first-of work to back it up, Robyn Lawley announced both a cookbook contract with publishers Random House and a cooking show on Australian cable network Foxtel; as well as a swimwear collaboration with Australian company Bond-Eye.  The collection subsequently featured in editorials in Australian Vogue (her second) and Cosmopolitan magazine (too many now to count), as part of its launch and gained further media spotlight when it was thought that Beyonce wore one of the suits in her “No Angel” video clip (never confirmed).  Lawley was also the featured subject of an exhibition by photographer Fred Willardt in New York, wrote some op-ed pieces and appeared on the Ellen talk show discussing the thigh gap phenom, and scored her first beauty campaign with department store Barneys.

Although I personally know of test attempts to get larger girls into the magazine, it wasn’t until 2013 that Playboy finally featured tastefully nude larger models*, albeit as handmaidens to actor Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones.  No, I haven’t forgotten Anna Nicole was in there*.

Patty Huntington of [frockwriter] reported that Melbourne boutique agency Maverick signed an Australian size 12 named Ali Cromarty to their main board with the intention of marketing her as editorial, rather than plus size. I really hope that they manage to shift some attitudes and create new opportunities for larger models via their representation of Ali.  She’s a cool looking girl.

I admit to finding the constant media chatter on this topic tiresome.  Whether or not the term is used inside or outside of the fashion industry is hardly a worthy issue in the realm of body image and size acceptance, or the media generally.  Just because some models have a hard time with being thought of as ‘fat’ or not ‘big enough’ doesn’t mean they aren’t doing the job well.  There will always be people who think what they want to think, and the internet gives them a venue to tell others their opinion.  Their lack of information shows every time they say “but she’s not plus size”, or “if that’s plus size, what am I?”  These people clearly don’t understand that plus size is not one size, or one body shape or proportion or weight or height, but many different permutations thereof. Plus size is different for literally every body.  The more people that manage to wrap their brains around that idea and stop thinking that plus size should look a certain way for it to be ‘correct’, the better off we will all be.


Controversy yet again as larger sized models are shown eating junk food in two of the the main editorials of the year – Candy Vaggio in CR Fashion Book, and Elle France’s Fondez de Plaisir.  Can we please have an editorial without adding in candies, cakes and mystery meat next time?

So – what were the extra-ordinary things that caught your eye this year? What have I left out?  Again – comments are open on this post!


*This count does not include any covers that featured celebrities or Crystal Renn once she was below a US size 10
** reported via Frockwriter, http://frockwriter.com/2013/11/new-faces-ali-cromarty
** yes, this section was heavily edited.  All the salient points are still made.

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