If there’s one constant in the industry discussions about larger sized models, it’s that they have yet to make serious inroads to the vast amounts of head-and-shoulders work available, such as for sunglasses, jewellery, perfume, hair care and beauty products.  You’d think this work would be an obvious fallback given how stylists and editors complain how hard it is to find sizes, but not so.  Nowadays, there are signs that things *are* moving, albeit at a glacial pace.

There have already been the major ‘firsts’ for cosmetics campaigns, as well as some featured faces in hair and beauty edits for fashion magazines and luxury department stores.  We are now however in the age of social media where models are often selected based on digital audience reach, and with the hype over their appearance often overwhelming the products they promote.  Given that some girls are deemed high profile enough to attract TV hosting roles and repeated appearances in fashion magazines, as well as endless online coverage – where are their deals?

Thankfully, not all clients are turning themselves inside out to get attention. Newcomer to the beauty product scene, Cleanse by Lauren Napier, offers a simple but luxe product with pared-back marketing and a press regime that relies on product recommendations over model casting fuss. This brand is so off-radar that it was only by sheer chance I happened to spy the familiar faces on the displays as I browsed in a high end cosmetics store in Sydney.  Refreshing.

Photographer: TBA
Makeup: TBA
Hair: TBA
Models: (L-R) Michelle Olson and MaCara Harrison appearing with Lauren Napier





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