Hi everyone,

When I first started RunwayRevolution, I was still modelling and had a very active interest in who-was-doing-what around the world, and not many people online were cataloging plus models in a similar way.  Technology was simpler and cheaper, and I had more time.

Nowadays I work in a completely different industry, and don’t have the same affinity for the modelling world mainly because I have seen how the idea of ‘beauty beyond size’ – an all-embracing philosophy from the Mode Magazine days – has become corrupted into meaningless and reductive hashtags to build personal brands and pose as a sort of activism on social media.

Long gone are the days when a model would simply show up on set and take photos/film/do runway and get paid; these very young women are now required to both do that and also have self-important soundbite opinions on body image and self esteem even as they exist in an industry notorious for not caring what you say as long as you look good doing it; and for no pay whatsoever they are also expected to find ways to promote themselves to gain followers so their agents can then call them ‘influencers’.  In an industry already desperately competitive, social media has added a new level of mania and I find it difficult to witness.

Then the tech side of things: this site is unfortunately breaking apart thanks to certain companies holding images for ransom, and viruses infecting plugins that run the image galleries and other essential services.  Sure, I can upgrade my site so that this doesn’t happen (as often) but as I don’t have the time to rebuild the site, it’s not not really worthwhile to pay all the significant upgrade and site security expenses.

So I made a decision: This site will run until November 2017  in its current format until the next lot of hosting renewals are due, and will then go offline. You can find site crawls on Wayback Machine, though I can’t guarantee all the images will have been captured.  If anyone is interested in buying the domain name and/or content, shoot me a message at info at runwayrevolution dot com.

C’est la vie.

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