This site aims to provide a safe environment for readers who may suffer from disorders related to body image and eating or have other issues around body weight, function and shape.  Therefore, a general policy will be enforced against comments regarding the model sizes and shapes on this site including, but not limited to, the words:

not plus-sized / fat / thin / skinny / not-big-enough / faux plus / no lumpy bits / rolls / gained weight / BMI  / lost weight/ larger models promote poor health / etc.

If your comment has any of these words, it may be held for moderation and possibly rejected depending on what else you’ve written.  Even if I agree with you, I will edit your comment in line with the website policy.  Please don’t take it personally, and I’ll likely email you first if you have attached a contact to your comment.

No one model can be all things to all people, even if they are held up as a widely-accepted example of what a ‘plus size model’ is.  If you have chosen a particular model as your role model then please remember your expectations about that person are your own and that they are not accountable to you. Models – like those other crazy humans! – do from time to time gain or lose some inches.  Let’s just all assume this occurred in the course of general existence (illness, pregnancy, life stress, etc) and not bore others by speculating on the reasons why in your comments.  Obviously anyone proclaiming they can tell how healthy or not the models are from looking at a few photos has special teleguessory powers and I’ll have to edit those comments so as not to make everyone jealous.

You’re more than welcome to call out web trolls on their BS: be it questioning their logic or debunking size myths. However, if I do choose to delete their comments at some point, I might have to delete your comments, too, because one half of the conversation won’t make sense on its own.

This is a fashion blog! There will be no promotion of deliberate weight loss or talk about how awesome your diet is.


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